About Unfuck Your Finances

Unfuck Your Finances is a blog and podcast where we take the information you’re using to screw yourself over and turn it on its head. 

Harper West hauled herself out from the gutter with her own two feet. A two-time college dropout, she entered the workforce at a job that offered a salary just a hair over the poverty line — making her ineligible for public benefits. In her first year a medical expense knocked her down for over $20,000, and her debts rapidly grew to $40,000 — well over a year’s salary. 

She was fucked. She knew she was fucked. And let’s be honest — she allowed herself to wallow for more than a short amount of time. 

But by being smart — by applying the principles she’s going to teach you in this blog — she’s completely unfucked herself. She’s more than doubled her salary by advancing in the same field, but more importantly, that $40,000 in debt has turned into a retirement savings of over $50,000. Not too shabby for a woman living in one of the most expensive cities in the world!

Now it’s time to help youStep inside this blog and start hunting. 

If you’re floundering in your own debt just like Harper was, she suggests starting with the Unfuck Your Debt posts.
If you’re looking to double your income, take a look at a little series called Unfuck Your Income.
If you think you’re making enough to get by but you just can’t figure out where your money goes, Unfuck Your Cashflow may be for you. 
And if you want to start saving away for retirement — if you REALLY want to “win” the finance game and hit your Golden Number, where your  wealth literally pays your salary, look no further than the Unfuck Your Retirement series.